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VAT living on another planet!!


Apart from been accountants we also operate a small business centre only for retained clients

We act as registered office and trading address for clients and they also make use of our telephone and facsimile numbers. We provide a full range of services ranging from simply acting as registered office to full administration and invoicing

We seem to be having problems with VAT registrations recently where they are not happy listing our address as the registered office and trading address. We've told them that putting another address is not appropriate as the address given is the correct one. They've told us it is not allowed for a business to use their accountants address. When we've asked them under what authority their opinion is based upon they don't answer

Is it me or is the VAT office living on anther planet

Can anyone help us with their opinion on this

Any reply most appreciated

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Put them on the spot

cymraeg_draig |
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The trading address is required

SteveOH |
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cymraeg_draig |
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Trading Address

thomas34 |