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Vat Sage Correction

Dear Members,

I need to get around this entry in Sage .

Company is on Vat Cash Accounting Scheme , I had Bank Payment recorded as Payment on Account to Supplier (using tax code T1).

Supplier Later refunded that whole amount(due to incorrect name on chq) and then we Recorded as Bank Receipts to Suspense a/c using (T9).

Please Could any body tell me How to credit the supplier again and correct input vat claimed earlier on Payment on account.

1- Supplier A/c(Dr)

Bank (cr) as Payment on A/c using T1 tax code.

2- Bank Dr (T9) code

Suspense a/c (T9).

Now i need to Credit the supplier again and correct input vat claimed as per entry 1. We are operating Vat Cash Accounting scheme ...

Your help would be appreciated .

Rehan Arain

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Sage handles OA VAT incorrectly .....

Anonymous |

Forgive me but....

brucier |

The way I would do it.

akebg1182 |

Thanks Chriatian

Rehan1 |
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