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What Practice Management Software would you recommend?

We have around 300 clients at present and growing and whilst our Excel spreadsheets and Access database have kept us on track, and I am sure would continue to do so, I am also sure that we would benefit from a PM solution. However, I also know that if we pick the wrong one you can end up in a mess having spent lots of money, and time, and end up going back to square one because "the old way worked".

It has to be staff user friendly, so they feel the benefits and most importantly like using it, and if it can link in all physical client data files all the better. I'm not interested in going with the whole IRIS solution because based on a demo a few years ago it just costs an absolute fortune far outweighing the benefit in my opinion - or am I wrong?

I have a dream of a paper free office....... had that for years though (probably around the same time as dreaming that client's could bring their papers in on schedule when first asked). One out of two would be nice and I've given up on the clients!

Advice based on experience will be appreciated!

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HQ for Accountants

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MS Outlook

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Logical Office

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HQ for Accountants - not for us

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BTC Software PM Solution

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Any updates?

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Logical Office

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Digita and Iris

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Same as Peter

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Something else to look at...

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I would love to see an

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Practice Management Software


Firmzen- Online Practice Management for Accounting firms

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PracticeFlow: New UK-focussed Practice Management System

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Comment on prices



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How much?

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I am trying out practiceflow

WA |

Importing clients into PracticeFlow

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