What software to use for budgets - manufacturer with 750 nominal codes?

My scenario is this:
£20m Manufacturing company
Accounts on Sage MMS
8 Production departments

Production overheads are absorbed in to WIP at annual rates.
750 nominal codes.

The budgeting model I have inherited runs to 30 Excel sheets, 60 000 calculations.

You change one number, the whole thing recalculates.

We go through a few budget iterations, and then someone wants a comparison with an earlier version.

This is a nightmare.

What software is there out there to manage budget creation?

We are looking for budgets broken down in to months.
Tom Cadogan

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No to 13 periods

IanClark |


AnonymousUser |

talk to INCA

listerramjet |
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No not in

carnmores |
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Sage winforecast and 13 periods

chrisgu |

i agree win4cast is great

carnmores |
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It depends on your requirements

AnonymousUser |

Sage again

IanClark |

I do recommend Sage sometimes

carnmores |
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Speak to the guys at INCA Software

Anonymous |

Use multi company if you have it

Richard Willis |
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I'm with Ian

dahowlett |
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