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What tax certificate is this?

Email from the client: "I need some help on getting a "Tax certificate".  I did some work for a university in Spain and they won't pay me unless I produce a tax certificate (whatever that is - see blurb below taken from their pro forma).  I went on HRMC web site and they suggested ring my tax office (which according to my last form was xxxx) - after three unanswered phone calls totalling well over an hour I finally gave up - thus this email.  Do you have any clever ways of getting such a certificate or any suggestions what I need to do.  Any thoughts gratefully received.  "THE Tax Certificate
This must be issued by the tax authorities of the associate’s country of residence. The tax certificate should state that the named natural or legal person is resident in said country for the purposes of The Double Taxation Convention.
The tax certificates are valid for a year running from the date on which they were issued. Each tax authority has its own rules regarding the issue of such certificates."

Any help would be graetly appreciated.


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Tax Cert

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Tax certificate


Residence certificates

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We had one of these

Monsoon |
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Could be Tax or Social Security reasons

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Certificate of fiscal residence

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Apply within...

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UK tax certificate

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Thanks to all who have replied

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Please Adivse

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