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What would you do?

83 yo client having a clearout and has come across a chargeable event certificate from 2004/5 which I didn't see when preparing her SAR for that year. Although she is not anywhere near higher rate it does affect the age allowance that she is due for that year and a further £123 tax is due.

1) Fess up     (phone 0977-0000001)

2) Advise, let sleeping dogs lie. (phone 0977-0000002)

Callls cost £30 per min, calls from mobile phones may be higher

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Write a nice letter to HMRC

Jon Stow |
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what a lovely lady to volunteer

carnmores |

I'm by the book

Jon Stow |
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The phone lines have closed. Please don't vote anymore...

IanRiley |

Just write a letter to HMRC

nigelburge |
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presumably the money from the phone lines

carnmores |

Missread your options

aiwalters |
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cymraeg_draig |
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