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I have a client who sells shoes, wholesale. He has, let's say, 10 suppliers, and 10 customers. Each supplier sells 20 styles of shoes (no style is available from more than one supplier), each one in 15 sizes. Client has no stock, he orders on demand.

What's the best program to imput a the customers' orders and and automatically generate purchase orders for the various suppliers and then invoice the clients.

I tried knocking up something in Excel, but too many factors. In Sage I presume I'd have to create a different product for each size, which means 3000 products, although it could be imported from excel, usually the customer takes the style(s) he likes in various sizes (which are various prices).

Someone told me I'd need to do it in Access, but I'd like to know if there is eithera purpose buld program for the above, an easy way in excel, or someone to build it in Access if that is the only way.





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Zedonk Software

Richard Davies |

looks good

aiwalters |
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An alternative - Interprise

paul.k2 |
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