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What's your age and experience?

Assuming there is nothing wrong with asking this question (attention moderators) I just wondered how old the accountants are on this website and how much experience you all have in practice.

I'll start:

Age: 39

Years in practice: 22

Years running own practice: 3




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Early twenties

davidwinch |
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shouldn't really ask a lady her age.....!!

julieanneecc |

Are we being "groomed" here?

Guest1 |


cymraeg_draig |
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blok |
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adam.arca |

No to both

bigdave1971 |

But how old do you feel

sally1964 |
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But how old do you feel

sally1964 |
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Nice to see I'm not the only ankle biter in the accountingweb co

julie.severn |
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Whipper-snapper, I'm afraid

Ardeninian |

Young (ish) but feel old compared to the last couple!

Luke |
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Is there a prize?

stephenkendrew |

No prize

bigdave1971 |


GarethHughesFCCA |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

will I win the prize?

two sheds |
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cymraeg_draig |
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ShirleyM |
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Middle Aged!!!

godwinsj.hotmail.com |

Somewhere in the middle it seems

should_be_working |
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Fearing someone will have a go...

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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Average I suspect!

Steve Holloway |
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I'm only here for a while

MarionMorrison |
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part of the younger generation

Fidodido |

Not having a good day...

ChrisDL |

EX HMRC and still recovering!!

Helen Crowley |

Am I the only non-accountant on here?!

lucy.danon |
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26 going on 60....

cyrynpen |

Not an accountant

vinylnobbynobbs |

Age is just a number....

rogerparry |
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Age and experience

SecretariuS |
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Fresh out of the box..

Selaen |

What's so special about practice anyway?

jpcc1 |


eddies368 |

How old?

cookiegravy |


bendybod |


shoshana |

Many years

jonsa |
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Belly Dancer/salsa queen

vmahyde |

still on work experience after 23 years

taxhound |
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What an interesting post!

Ermintrude |
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Another dancer here

Monsoon |
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Where do you find the energy for dancing?

HudsonCo |

Up With The Elders

ianw33 |

Good side of 35

Pottedbeef |
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Well, I do call myself TheAncientOne so I suppose I asked for th

weaversmiths |
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Other side of 35!

pipper01 |

Very fresh but quick!

ckai |

Nearly over the hill

puzzel |
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