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When not to do tax credits

Having been seduced by various tax seminars,finally,  following a presentation by the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group of the CIOT, which pricked my conscience, and made me think about my duty to society,  I did a rough back of the proverbial envelope calculation for an employee of the next client that I visited,  and concluded that he and his wife would get about £370.51 p.a.WT credits. So, I completed a TC app and submitted it to the appropriate HMRC address. I fully realised of course that thereafter I had no control over matters pertaining thereto. The result is that my client has received, after some weeks,  all sorts of appointment letters to attend a local office of some organisation called 'Jobcentre Plus' whatever that may be.

I have prostrated myself before my client and in this case  am confident of recovering the goodwill that has taken me years of meticulous attention to detail to build up, and told his employee to forget it. It never happened. The lesson I have learned is that society doesn't need my advice and I shall have to find some other way to repay my debt to it.

But am stll left smarting, wondering what the Data Protection Act is for, and who else HMRC has given my client's information to. The local council, the gas board, have they posted it on Facebook? I cower in trepidation.

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Why not make an FOI request and find out

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Tax Credits

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Tax Credits

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Tax Credits

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national insurance

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