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Where are our old friends?

I am missing many of the old contributors, even the agitators, such as Penny Chambers and, dare I say, Ronald Angus. Have they been banned, given up or still here as 'anonymous'?
Thankfully we still have some great contributors like David Winch and Euan Maclennan.
Anyone know of the whereabouts of others? Are they now plying their trade with UKBF?

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but you have forgotten......

DingDong |
DingDong's picture

Perhaps it is

Swiss Toni |
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hon y soit qui mal y pense

carnmores |
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Angus is still here

thomas.peterson |
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Beg pardon

thomas.peterson |
thomas.peterson's picture

Where's he gone?

Anonymous |

never mind them

Anonymous |


Democratus |
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I miss John Sartorius ...

Steve Holloway |
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Good point ding dong

alesha soba |
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Steve, that was a fabulous debate

Anonymous |

Well spotted re Alan Partridge (I mean Andy!)

DingDong |
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As I remember it...

henry williamson |

Where have all the young ones gone?

thomas34 |

I saaay!

I'msorryIhaven'taclue |
I'msorryIhaven'taclue's picture

Come back, we miss you all

RebeccaBenneyworth |
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John Sartoris

Steve Holloway |
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I still post

Anonymous |