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Which "version" of sage for bookkeeping services?

I have used sage 50 for some time now and would like to offer my services to the world in general Target business <£1m My problem is knowing which version to purchase: As far as I can tell Sage Instant does not allow for multiple companies. Sage 50 does but is quite an investment (£550 per the website). Then there is the professional online etc etc. Why Sage? It seems to have the largest market share and I think would help attact clients I'd be interested to know if there are any other bookkeepers out there and how you manage - especially to keep the software costs down Is there a way (or indeed version of sage) to make instant multico? Thanks

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Sage Bookkeeppers Club is all you need...

neil.parsons |

A better idea

skylarking |

Why use sage...?

Anonymous |

I take your point, but

skylarking |

but will say, sage 50 backup open on a sage instant??

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

I've moved from the dark side

skylarking |

Why Sage?

3569787 |
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Herd of sheep

Anonymous |

I'm with Skylarking

taxhound |
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Anonymous |

Forget Sage

pauljenkinsandco |
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Ermintrude |
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Why use SAGE???

Anonymous |

Weigh it all up and then go with your own preference

David2e |
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Horses for courses

rampanesar |
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QuickBooks is best - if you are an accountant

BryanS1958 |

Security and controls in VT Transaction+ as mentioned in an earl

vtsoftware |

Sage can be messed up too

Anonymous |


amarshah69 |

Not Sage for goodness sake!

lechiffre |
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Use the correct tool for the job.

RogerNeale |
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Are you a Sage operator or a Bookkeeper?

Anonymous |

y Sage???

abelljms |
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Myshkin |

Anything but Sage...

dnicoll |
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VTT+ Why could I not have heard about you sooner?

[email protected] |

Sage Instant Accounts Compliance Pack

Jacq_Maud |

"I'm using Sage, I don't like it but my accountant says I have t

RogerNeale |
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To Jacq_Maud

Anonymous |