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Who can be a Registered Auditor?

I have come across some accounts for a small company filed with Companies House (full accounts with detailed P&L and even tax comps!). There is also an auditors report (with no Bannerman clause). The audit report is signed by a member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants (but not as a "registered auditor").

Are members of the ACPA entitled to be registered auditors?

If so, does the ACPA have a complaints procedure for registering complaints about the standard of their members' work (e.g. no comparatives, reference to FRRSE March 2000 for 310107 accounts, no interest shown in P&L (when there is in the detailed P&L), Net Current Assets including long term creditors, pennies in the accounts (yes really!), and, no accounting policy stated for lease charges (and there were some) - to name just a few of the mistakes).

Makes one wonder why we bother (and try very hard!) to keep up professional standards in the CCAB bodies!

Ian Dalzell

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Anonymous |

Seen this myself

Anonymous |

Read also this ......

Bil Loh |

Company ID

Briar |

Companies House is a public website!

Anonymous |

Same here!

brianmason |

Name & shame?

Anonymous |

Complain to Companies House

Euan MacLennan |
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The text of the ICAEW link mentioned below

Anonymous |

Don't waste your bloody time Ian

Anonymous |

If I could turn back time...

neileg |

Registered Auditors

AnonymousUser |

I do not believe ACPA members can do this

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