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Why are some people so ignorant?!

Just had a potential client turn down a quote. Made it clear that my fees would be less than a third of the money I could save him - but still he sees it as too "expensive".

Being a one man band myself I ensure my fees are much lower than a high street accountant - but he still thinks they're too much! Do they realise that this is a profession and they need to pay at professional levels!

Oh well, good luck to him.

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Lucky escape

MarionMorrison |
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Do You?

Anonymous |

Lower fees?

robindunne |

Yes Robin

JCresswellTax |
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Yes Robin that is what life is about.

Anonymous |

A local cartel then

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

Despite the sneering

andypartridge |


GarethHughesFCCA |
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Numbers game

Countinformation |

Watch Your Language!

David Winch |
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Why the word ignorant?

maxxy |
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Tax does not have to be taxing! Self-assessment

geoffpym |

Added value is the key!

Anonymous |