Why does the tax year end of 5th April?

Can anyone tell me why the tax year ends when it does and not at the end of the Calendar year - or even conveniently at the end of a month?

I'm sure I read somewhere that it was to do with tax collectors of old thinking they were being short changed in the move to/from the gregorian calendar.

Sarah Newland

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The IR view

Woodsman |

25 March / 5 April

adam.arca |

It all depends on who enforced that date

AnonymousUser |

Very well then, let's settle at all souls day date

AnonymousUser |

It doesn't have to be 5th April....

Anonymous |

Gregorian Calendar.

NeilW |

I was once told .....

davidwinch |
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Income Tax still is,

AnonymousUser |

5 Apr - all souls day

AnonymousUser |


AnonymousUser |

All those in favour....

Anonymous |

Tho Me Lee is right

AnonymousUser |