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Why reinstate my company when Unvoluntary Dissolved?

Can anyone tell me ;
My Ltd was striken off as result of a combination of an adress change which was not entered by comp house, and my lack of follow this up by checking , and late filing of annual returns by lack of urgency by accountants.
Situation now; my profitable company with sufficient financial assets (which have since been "parked" elswhere) could be restored at cost of 2k, but what are implication if dont re-instate and start new one?
What happens with the Tax implication of disolved company, and director liabillity?
Am NOT trading now, but will be in few months again.
Have NO creditors other than Inland Revenue (coorporation tax.)
Btw am not trying to duck the TAX, but need to understand my position better in this case.

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Bona vacantia

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Tax position?

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They can

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