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Why Sage? Why do accountants 'like books kept in Sage'?!

I've been wondering this for a while now.

Why DO accountants like books to be kept in Sage?

Presumably it's because it's easier to take figures from Sage into accounts production software, thus making the process easier.

I'm honestly baffled though, because I loathe receiving Sage files. There are a million and one expense accounts, which don't correspond to the TB accounts in VT (our accounts production software). It takes a long time just to translate a Sage TB into a VT TB.

I would guess that most accountants use something like Digita, PTP or VT to produce accounts (i.e. not Sage's offering). Therefore why is Sage perceived to be easier? I've not tried Digita or PTP so if their CoA broadly matches Sage, I can understand. Does it?

I know that historically, Sage was 'the' bookkeeping software and became the standard.

It is still really preferred? We would be interested to know as the other folk in the office can't work it out either!

~Monsoon (not a Sage fan)


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Beats me

Anonymous |

It's all they're used to!

Ken Howard |

Why in deed?

3569787 |
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Still has lions share of the market

zarathustra |
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I'm lazy that's why!

Steve Holloway |
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I hate it - but it's got me business!

yorsolution |

Ken seconded

Paul Scholes |
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No good for Corporation Tax

gilbertdeclare |

Another way of looking at it...

timmit |

IRIS Codes

Paul Scholes |
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