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Withdrawal of certain agent copy correspondence

Laudable as it may be to try to save money it seems to me that the withdrawal of agent copies is a bit of a backward step, and the suggested saving pretty small beer in the general scheme of things.

HMRC cuts - Withdrawal of agent copies of mail

Rather than just stopping issue of the copies might it not be better instead to put an electronic copy of such items against the client record on the Agent log-in in the same way as statements of account are recorded there, at least for P2 & P800?

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PAYE Coding

taxhound |
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Make them available online

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No Saving

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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

As now operating in a virtually paperless environment

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Viewing statements of account

Lynne Ritchie |

Known problem

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HMRC postal costs

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Will increase wasted time for all

Rachel Battersby |

Practical solution

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Coding notices

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