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Working on Saturdays

Really helpful response on my client complained thread has raised some wider issues for me that I need to face. Once again helpful AW community I would appreciate your feedback/response.

Every Monday I say to myself I will take the whole weekend off. I will not work on Saturday. I end up working on Saturdays. I do not think I do any more work than people who take the weekend off. They are probably get more done. I think I am not that efficinet. One reason for this I do not yet standardised templates/procedures for dealing with the same issues.

I was the same in my full time employment.

I have now seriously just started to  systemise. It is really time consuming and I know I will get the rewards later. I just received my evaluation copy the TaxCalc hub. This I am sure will be a great help.

I also just had a call from a potential client who want a meeting on a Saturday. I cannot turn new business away so I said yes of course.

Systemising I am sure will help a lot.

I need  my weekends to recharge, away from work. I am not doing this. Time for me to change.

I would apprecaite any pointers on efficient working methods for an accountancy practice.

Before I get any comments about the time I  spend on AW posts -Lets get this out of the way. The time I spend on posting questions on AW. It really helps with my work. On more than a few occassions it has saved me time and also it has meant I avoid making mistakes and wasting money. I just post issues as they occur rather than wait at the end of the day. Perhaps I should come to AW just once a day and post once a day?



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May not be possible at the beginning

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Set time aside

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I assume

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Saturday Morning

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I know this problem

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Get some perspective/s

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It's Saturday & I'm on here, ironic or what?

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Me too...

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Is this why women live longer? Plus a great response

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Why ?

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once again

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