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yet another accounting system required!

I have 2 clients with turnover of less than £1 million but very high volumns of sales transactions. Are there any systems that can intergrate the sale invoicing function without hugh amounts of set up time?
Paul Green

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Sage Line 50

David Carter |

so many choices

AnonymousUser |

Importing sales invoice records

David Carter |

more answers than invoices!

carnmores |


AnonymousUser |

Pastel Patner 2004

AnonymousUser |

David Carter guides

AnonymousUser |

A high percentage of accountants recommend Sage

AnonymousUser |

Encore from Anagram Systems - very good

eteck |

QuickBooks fits the bill

nigelreese |


cbales |

A few selections for you

jacp400 |
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More info

dclark |