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Top 10 tips for self assessment survival

With just over three weeks to go to the self assessment deadline, practitioners should be well in the midst of clients’ returns.

But we all know that the season never goes to plan. Shoebox clients, late clients, new clients - there’s always a surprise along the way.

Sponsors of this year’s Self Assessment Zone on AccountingWEB, TaxCalc, has published a smart guide to the season and for the month ahead.

It includes a roadmap for your journey to deadline day and checklist to ensure your tax software is ready for it.

The guide also contains...


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Don’t start a client’s return until you receive all the data....

bookmarklee | | Permalink

... and have been paid or received assurance you will be.

"Don’t take on new clients, unless you know they’ll be simple to handle".... and they pay you up front. Why take a punt and do work for a stranger who might then default and refuse to pay you on time?




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sa survival hottest tip by a kilometre is...    1 thanks

abelljms | | Permalink


before doing ANYTHING make sure you have your esteemed clients' UTR !!

WITHOUT that the rest is pointless as you won't be able to file.