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2012 tax review: Sea-change, not shifting sands

Tax often has the misfortune of being labelled a boring subject by the general public, but it has been one of this year’s hot topics, making headlines and capturing the nation’s attention.

Mike Fleming, tax director of Straughans Chartered Accountants looks back over a year when tax issues have provoked widespread debate and looks ahead to what lies in store for 2013.

Just as Janus, Roman God of beginnings never loses sight of the past as he looks forward to the future, so must our predictions for 2013 be informed by our awareness of key developments which took place this year.

What has proven to be a turbulent year started with change at the top, with Lin Homer’s appointment as chief executive of HMRC. Ostensibly a positive beginning to the year, this was soon undercut as tax secretary Dave Harnett announced his early retirement under the dark cloud of the media furore over his alleged role in the settlement of ‘sweetheart’ tax deals. Followed closely as this was by chief executive Mike Clasper’s resignation, an unsettling tone was established from the outset.


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October or April?

sueber | | Permalink

"when the system is implemented on a national level in October."

I'll be surprised if the system doesn't grind to a halt until October. My money's on it happening in April when almost all employers join the scheme.