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Accountant jailed for £100k tax fraud

A Bradford accountant and former city councillor who stole more than £100,000 in income tax and VAT has been jailed for two years.

Robert John Payne was jailed after a Revenue investigation into his fraud. He was charged with three counts of tax fraud in August, and a further three counts of acting as a company director while disqualified.

He pleaded guilty to these charges in November and was sentenced to...


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They don't come much dodgier than this one

shilley | | Permalink

Also convicted of horrifically violent cruelty to his pet kittens last year and did time for his crime.

slipknot08's picture

pet kittens...

slipknot08 | | Permalink

.. with a bit of luck he won't go to a 'holiday camp' prison, because of his 'position' (or at least, please, please let there be one hardened criminal in there who reads AWeb(!!!), loves his dog/cat/child, and feels like teaching this scum-ridden waste of air a short, sharp lesson).


Yes, I am considerably more upset about the kittens than the tax offences - ideally, he should still be imprisoned for that (& keys lost) - he obviously didn't get long enough... but wishes & horses... <sigh>