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Accountant jailed for £183,000 pensioner con

A South West-based accountant was sentenced to more than three years' imprisonment for conning a 94-year-old woman out of £183,000.

The woman was in a care home in Winscombe at the time, when Paul Willis siphoned her estate for personal use.

Willis was awarded power of attorney over his family friend, Margaret Nunn, the Bristol Post reported.

Bristol Crown Court heard how the accountant spent the woman’s money on his personal debts...


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The Black Knight | | Permalink


There's been a bit of weeding recently! How many's that this year?

Keep up the good work the profession needs a clean up.

Why has it taken since 2009 to deal with this though?

and no previous confiscation?



LM1 | | Permalink


I knew this man a few years ago, and a short while after he gave up his own practice.  I would never have thought him capable, just shows you never can tell!  I agree, the profession needs a massive clean up, he isn't the first and won't be the last.