Accountant steals £500k for gambling addiction | AccountingWEB

Accountant steals £500k for gambling addiction


An accountant has admitted to stealing £540,000 to fund his gambling addiction, Durham Crown Court heard.

Lee Philip Hammond from Darlington admitted five counts of fraud, three of theft and one of attempted theft.

The accountant is expected to be jailed when he returns to receive his sentence on 22 March.

Hammond took £54,000 donated by three investors into his accountancy firm between 2008 and 2010. He stole more than £400,000 from Shildon and Sedgefield Developmental Agency. Following a merger, he also took £73,000 from the South Durham Enterprise Agency in 2010.


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donations.....isn't that

justsotax | | Permalink

fair game....and as for £400k from a development does someone manage that - it appears there are incompetent people all over the place just waiting to be robbed....

Tom 7000's picture


Tom 7000 | | Permalink

Theres nowt in the North East to buy for that much bizzare

Gambled away

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Gambled away.

He could have spent it on wine, women and song.


Gambled Away

nigcobus | | Permalink

Who investigated the case.... Was it the Pink Panther? He was always on about "Durham, Durham", wasn't he?