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AccountingWEB’s Apps Directory v1.2

Ever since apps burst into the mainstream when the iPhone first appeared, they have multiplied exponentially. Now available on a multitude of smartphones platforms and desktop PCs alike, tracking down useful apps can be like wallowing through an endless sea of mud. That’s where the AccountingWEB Apps Directory comes in. Starting from the suggestions put forward by members, we’ll regularly update this list of popular business apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices, as well as some of those tailored specifically for the accounting profession. Please note, prices may fluctuate over time. Here's what's on offer for different business tasks:

Accounting & FinanceBusiness IntelligenceTax & Reference
Expenses trackingAdmin Security
CRMApps stores 

Don’t forget to post your own suggestions for the AWeb App Directory below!


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Windows Phone

charlesc | | Permalink

I know that they are not so popular but any chance of any windows phone apps being added (if they exist!).

I see there is a link to windows market place on you list so not totaly missed out

Jon Wilcox's picture

Windows Phone

Jon Wilcox | | Permalink

Hi CharlesC,

Thanks for your comment - Windows Phone Apps will definitely be coming soon, so stay tuned for that. Should they be restricted to Windows Phone 7 apps only, or should it include some from Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5?


Jon Wilcox

Jonathan White's picture

AccountEdge Mobile

Jonathan White | | Permalink

Hi Jon

Any chance of including AccountEdge Mobile on the list? It's a free "companion" iPhone/iPad app for AccountEdge which is one of the leading small business accounting products for Mac. More details can be found at


Jon Wilcox's picture


Jon Wilcox | | Permalink

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting in touch - I've just added it to the directory, along with a new table of CRM apps.



Jonathan White's picture

AccountEdge Mobile

Jonathan White | | Permalink

Thanks  : )

Michael Wood's picture

Receipt Bank

Michael Wood | | Permalink

Hi - could you please add the Receipt Bank app?

It is worth noting that this is available in a 'white label' version for accountants and bookkeepers.



david_terrar's picture

Twinfield too please?

david_terrar | | Permalink

Hi Jon,

Could you add the Twinfield iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch free app to accounting and finance please?  See link to itunes below.


David Terrar

D2C and Twinfield

Pivot table app

RobinO | | Permalink

Hi Jon,

Suggest you add iPivot to your list. It allows you to create pivot tables on your iPad.

futureb00ks's picture

Review of expense trackers

futureb00ks | | Permalink


Expense reports are on of the most time consuming bookkeeping tasks. A startup company of two employees and one director can spend as much as 12 hours a month keying in personal expense claims.

For this reason staff dread the task of submitting monthly expense claims, and are often late presenting expense claims to management.

We road-tested a bunch of mobile apps to see if this tedious task could be improved. We published our findings here:

futureb00ks's picture

150 different cloud and traditional accounting packages reviewed

futureb00ks | | Permalink


There are a few great accounting and invoicing tools available on the cloud. The trick is using ones which will integrate nicely with your your entire ecosystem of cloud-based solutions.

Some we have identified for our clients include Xero, Harvest, FreeAgent, Bizmo for iOS, Anybill, inniAccounts, Outright, and Kashoo.

Read more about our research covering over 150 accounting applications.