Your chance to decide the 2013 AccountingWEB Community Awards

Here at AccountingWEB, our community is at the heart of what we do - which is why we want to recognise those members who made it a great year for us.

Last year we revived an old tradition of celebrating the most popular, entertaining, engaged and influential members in our 2012 Community Awards.

This year, the awards are back and bigger than ever - we’ll still be honouring the most voted for members, but with the addition of prizes...


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stepurhan's picture

Flaw in the voting system    2 thanks

stepurhan | | Permalink

Member of the year is awarded by number of thanks.

Other members can agree with my nominations by clicking thanks underneath it.

Can I win member of the year by posting popular nominations? :-D

Incidentally, why is this buried under Tech instead of being on the home page?

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Member of the year is awarded

Rachael_Power | | Permalink

Member of the year is awarded by number of thanks received in the last 12 months - so yes, all thanks do count. But some members have amassed hundreds of thanks in the last year - and we can always check at our end when they were received. 

I've also made sure this post is on the homepage, so thanks for flagging those two points up! 

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Cash for thanks    1 thanks

stepurhan | | Permalink

The next scandal due to break out in the accounting world.

I was thinking more of being one of the 3 headline subjects rather than appearing in Latest News. That said, I suspect that the real attention to these will be in Any Answers, where there are plenty of threads flagging it up anyway.