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AML launches free tax network

Tax consultancy AML has launched a new tax network, AML250, at this years’ Accountex conference

The network already has 350 members and is geared towards accountants with clients looking to manage tax liabilities.

It’s free to join, and members are given access to...


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bookmarklee's picture

Another new tax network could be good news

bookmarklee | | Permalink

We all offer different things for accountants so we're complementary rather than competing. But I do wonder why I couldn't find a single person's name or tax credentials on the AML website.

Doesn't fill me with confidence. And no, that's not sour grapes. Just that I believe in a different way of operating. Could be why over 7,000 accountants have registered for free on our Network website. It is a portal providing access to around 50 named and vetted tax experts around the UK. You can also use our Network without registering on the website. 

Mark Lee  - in my role as Chairman of the Tax Advice Network

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I can't resist making a comment...

Nichola Ross Martin | | Permalink

We're a bit younger than Mark's network, but have over 20,000 of you visiting us regularly and it seems that we probably offer something in between his and this new one. We offer a cost -effective online resource for accountants and advisers and anyone in business with an emphasis on being practical and approachable. We providing detailed planning notes, guides, checklists and a low down on different tax planning ideas. This all comes with our Virtual Tax Partner support service.

Nichola Ross Martin, director -

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With all due respect Mark    2 thanks

JCresswellTax | | Permalink

Their website is a lot 'cleaner' than yours and doesn't use that horrid green colour anywhere! ;)