Autumn Statement preview: What to expect | AccountingWEB

Autumn Statement preview: What to expect

The Chancellor, George Osborne, will get up at the house of parliament on Tuesday 29 at 12.30pm facing and calls for dramatic interventions and tax changes to kickstart the flagging UK economy.

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Chancellor unveils £20bn credit easing scheme

Natalie Brandweiner | | Permalink

AccountingWEB's sister site BusinessZone yesterday reported on Osborne's announcement that the Autumn Statement will also include a £20bn scheme aimed at providing lower interest rate bank loans to small companies.  

Another failure on The Horizon

bobhurn | | Permalink

The scheme deems small to be T/o under £5 Million and will in effect be a guarantee for loans (not made) by the banks.  When will our politicians realise that the banks cannot be trusted to meet their obligations; and have created an underclass of businesses excluded from any financial support.  The urgent need is to lend directly to SME's particularly micro businesses; a lot less risky than supporting the high street bank(rupt)s

treat the illness not the symptoms

The Black Knight | | Permalink

lower taxes for manufacturing to start with....we need to make something to support any service activity....the rest will follow so long as this is not seen as a quick temporary fix.

Government....if its not needed enough for people to pay for it then scrap's the inefficiency, pensions, days off, and anti business attitude we cannot afford.

Business link websites, and more money for the banks is just wasted money, interest rates are already low....but there is no borrowing and even then you have to find up to 50% deposit (hello ?)

and stop funding the ADHT baby factories......



ireallyshouldkn... | | Permalink

I am surprised to see yet-another-loan-scheme. By my count that's I think what 5 'new schemes' in three years?

And this time even more bonkers if the banks are collecting the interest on what appear to be risk free loans! Fantastic business to be in, where do I sign up?




The Black Knight | | Permalink

It's not real anyway, just spin to keep the peasants confused. "bread and circuses"

you would think they only have 3 tried, trusted and failed ideas to work try them again may be we will get a six or a seven this time !

I think it was Einsteins quote that is appropriate at this moment !