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BDO administrators take over Hearts FC

BDO has been appointed as administrators to Hearts FC, weeks after it emerged that the club couldn’t pay the remainder of its tax bill.

The club owed HMRC £100,000 but told the Revenue it would be unable to pay the full amount due on 11 June.

HMRC had given the club time to repay its debt via two staged payments, and in December...


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Bdo are urging fans to buy

Carlos_Fandango | | Permalink

Bdo are urging fans to buy season tickets to enable the club to survive the next four months...then what?

Season tickets holders have a season ticket for a club that no longer exists or, exists and is playing in a lower league perhaps, or in the same league but with players that can't compete.

Either way they will have overpaid for that season ticket...comments please.


GuestXXX | | Permalink


Football clubs and HMRC

duncanphilpstate | | Permalink

It always strikes me that football clubs seem to get away with not paying over their PAYE etc (which aren't the club's but were collected from the players) in a way that other businesses (for that is what they are) would not.

Agreed that anyone buying a season ticket in these circs is basically making a donation, for which they might get to watch some games if they're lucky.