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BidMyBill puts mobile renewals up for auction

Tired of the wearisome search through mobile phone deals online, entrepreneur Dave Bell turned the whole process on its head with his free “anti-price comparison” website,

Finding the best phone deal is impossible without knowing what’s been used in the past. Bid My Bill solves this dilemma by automatically gathering a phone user’s historical usage of minutes, texts & data. The site then packages the information into an online auction phone companies can bid for.

All private information is stripped from the auction offer and phone users can specify their preferred handset, network, bolt-ons and incentives.

Bid My Bill ignores the existing tariffs on offer and instead asks companies to make a one-time, best offer. Turning the sales process around encourages suppliers to out-bid each other, and makes them do all the hard work.


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jimeth's picture

Any plans to extend this?

jimeth | | Permalink

If this works it could be good for Utility Bills too.

Been done already...

stuartbw | | Permalink has been around for some time now and offers a similar service.  However if this could be done with utility companies that would be brilliant :-D