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BlackBerry service to be resumed, says RIM founder

BlackBerry today announced its services will be “returning to normal”, following a week of major service disruptions and customer complaints. 

The founder of Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind BlackBerry, today released a video statement via the website explaining the reasons for the outage. Mike Lazaridis apologised for the disruption but warned it’s “too soon to say this issue is fully resolved.”


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JCresswellTax's picture


JCresswellTax | | Permalink

Why even have one, they are rubbish compared to the iphone.

I have had both and there is no comparison!

Let this be a lesson to Blackberry users!

No Problems for me    1 thanks

colinhigginson | | Permalink

I have had no problems with my Blackberry - emails coming through as normal all week.

Not a great fan of the iPhone myself - insecure, prone to viruses and easy to hack.


Ongoing testing ....    1 thanks

JC | | Permalink

The comment

'.. the failover did not function as previously tested ...'

is interesting

This raises the question of when it was 'previous tested' - yesterday, last month, last year, when the system was implemented?

Surely this type of failover system should be tested on a frequent basis in a separate environment so that one has an on-going process of validating the procedure and any failure occurs in an isolated situation

If this hasn't been occurring the Blackberry only have themselves to blame

PS. Why is it that the iPhone 'fanboy/girl' brigade always have to have a dig at every opportunity - frankly its boring, because each technology has their own plus/minus points and it boils down to personal choice

never had an i phone....    1 thanks

justsotax | | Permalink

so couldn't say which is best - guess it comes down to what you require it for.....


But i think to term it rubbish in comparison based upon this hiccup is a bit harsh - especially given that when the iphone 4 released you couldn't get a signal unless you were standing on one foot and holding the phone with your left hand (or something like that...) - I mean how bad is a 'smart' phone when you cannot even make a phonecall on it.....

carnmores's picture

you technophobes!

carnmores | | Permalink

get a samsung galaxy or a couple of tin cans and some string ;-)

Can't see the attraction of the iPhone

chatman | | Permalink

I can't see any significant functionality that the iPhone has that other smart phones don't. It mostly seems to be bought by fanboys and people who don't realise that other smart phones exist (and did before the iPhone did).

I have been using a Nokia N95 for the last 3+ years, but I think I will get a Samsung Galaxy next.