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Business Link online service replaced

Business Link, the online business advice and guidance service, will be absorbed next month into a new government website.

From 17 October GOV.UK will be the new home for government services and information, replacing Business Link and Directgov.


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Not a patch on Business Link...

DavidACA82 | | Permalink

Has anyone had a nose around the Beta site yet?

At the moment it is not a patch on Business link as a source of information and advice! Hopefully the site will have MUCH more added to it if it is to be as useful.

I am all for streamlining and making simple, but some things in business require in depth guidance and information, which Business link seemed to perform very well. It is a useful and clear source of information to people with some knowledge of certain areas and just looking for clarification, but also great for those just starting out or thinking of starting a business. At the moment the Beta site section for business has 8 headings that don't appear to have any coherent theme, followed by a list of brainstormed topics, rather than sensibly categorizing areas that might be of interest to small businesses.

Room for improvement on first impressions. My advice to small businesses? Search every conceivable topic you might need help with on the business link website and save the guidance before it disappears next month!


GOV.UK seems a bit lacking on Scottish issues!

gsgordon | | Permalink

e.g. Scotland has a completely different setup for tenancy deposit schemes, which does not get a mention on GOV.UK. Mind you, the same is true of Directgov!