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Increase in younger accountants seeking help

An increasing number of younger accountants are seeking help and support from ICAEW charity CABA, according to a report. 

The organisation's annual impact report, which provides a snapshot into what kinds of help accountants are seeking, showed an overall increase in requests for help of 17% in 2013. 

But out of the 3,500 that CABA supported last year, there was a 115% increase in the number of under 35s seeking help, a "notable" rise, according to the charity.

The top overall areas in which practitioners sought assistance were: 

  • Employment support (24.1%) 
  • Mental distress (17.7%) 
  • Legal advice (15.7%) 

CABA noted in the report that the type of help accessed was dependent on age. Career coaching was most popular with 35 - 49s and financial assistance was most common with the over 65s age group. 

But counselling, an area in which the charity saw an increase in requests of 140%, was most requested by younger accountants. 


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nickja | | Permalink

"Financial assistance was also key for CABA in 2013, as it provided 142 accountants and their dependents with ill health or disabilities."