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Can you sell what your start-up is doing?

If you’re a good accountant but you lack any sales skills you will probably struggle to build your practice, warns Mark Lee.

Let’s be honest, no one starts their own accountancy practice because they wanted to become a salesperson. There are some quite fundamental differences between a typical accountant and a typical sales person. And yet if you have only limited selling skills...

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typo correction    1 thanks

elainec100 | | Permalink

Great article Mark - hopefully the little typo wasn't intentional tee hee love it :-)       Phew - thank goodness it got corrected very quickly :-)

On the money    1 thanks

taxassist | | Permalink

Hi Mark, as always, a really good piece of insight and advice for starting your own accountancy practice.'s picture


Hi Mark,

Nice article.

What about exit strategy? This should be of most importance at the start.

What happens when the accountant wants to finish what they have started? If the business is substantial then not many people can guarantee a buy-out?

This is an area I believe needs to be taken care of at the beginning and why we guarantee it at the beginning.