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CFOs say appetite for risk is back

Chief finance officers of large listed companies have reported increased confidence and appetite for risk, signalling a return to better times for UK businesses.

According to latest CFO survey from Deloitte more than 90% of CFOs expect to see revenues increase this year and more than two thirds expect UK corporates to increase hiring and capital spending. This compares to FDs predicting a slide in all three measures of spending just a year ago.

The 122 CFOs surveyed said there was a 16% chance of a recession in the UK in the next two years - down from 40% a year ago.

Deloitte chief economist Ian Stewart explained...


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Nice post !!

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Nice post !!

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GT: Business optimism has surged

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Grant Thornton’s latest International Business Report (IBR) also reveals UK business optimism has surged 74% over the past year

The UK is now the seventh most optimistic country about its prospects for business growth globally.

This surge in optimism is reinforced by signs that the nascent recovery is more wide-ranging than previously thought, with an 8% year-on-year increase in export expectations and a predicted improvement in business investment.

Scott Barnes, GT chief executive, said: “The rebound in confidence and sustained performance of UK businesses over the past year is something that can truly be applauded. The broad base of the recovery, largely driven by mid-market businesses, sets a solid foundation for growth to continue in 2014, but it remains crucial we don't rest on our laurels at this critical juncture.”

The results also reveal a 12% climb in R&D, 11% increase in plant and machinery, and a 3% boost in new building investment expectations over the past year.