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What the new EU accounting directive means for small firms

On 12 June the European Parliament adopted the revised accounting directive which was borne out of the European Commission (EC) Responsible Business package, explains Steve Collings.

The main objective of the new accounting directive (58pp PDF) is to reduce the administrative burden for small companies and, to a certain extent, improve the quality and comparability of the information disclosed in their financial statements.

The current EC directive has been in place since...


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Possible use of €6m (B/S) & €12m (turnover) limits....

bagpuss1968 | | Permalink

Having read Article 3 (page 10) of the directive, I couldn't decide which type of entity the paragraph half way down the second column was referring to (regarding the increased limits of €6m and €12m).

Could anyone help me out?

Many thanks


one things for sure

The Black Knight | | Permalink

One things for sure they are about to loose billions as are ordinary businesses and consumers.

I am always right! Unfortunately



The Black Knight | | Permalink

Kassandra was King Priam of Troy's daughter. (K from the Greek, not later C from the latin)

Had the gift of true prophecy and the curse that no one would believe her.

The modern use of Cassandra is a merchant of doom also to be disregarded as getting in the way of progress.