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Cloud questions answered: Xero webinar


AccountingWEB recently ‘hung out’ with Xero in a live webinar to answer practitioners' big cloud questions.

More than 300 of you tuned in to view it live on the day, with a further 700 tuning in to the recorded version later on. 

Because of the large attendance, we received some questions from the audience we found we simply couldn't fit into the webinar time-slot. 

We gathered eight questions and passed them on to Xero managing director Gary Turner, who...


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Security of data    5 thanks

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Following on from the risk of the provider going into liquidation there is always (as we all know) the possibility of data corruption/loss or just the internet connection going down.

There's no way to guarantee that data will stay secure (although I actually feel safer now all of mine is up there somewhere) and so the easiest way to add a bit of safety is to regularly export key data to Excel and save it locally. All of XERO's reports, covering every aspect of the accounts, can be saved in this way and FreeAgent has a full export facility whereby in a few seconds you have one spreadsheet with tabs for every transaction ever posted.

If (and god knows why) you ever wanted the grief of moving it back to desk bound then these spreadsheets can be used as import files.

So, in addition to checking up on the provider's own ability to stay solvent and awake for at least the next 12 months, also make sure they enable easy data exports.