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Companies House moves to

Companies House is the latest website to announce its transfer to web portal

It joins other government department websites such as HMRC, the Crown Prosecution Service, HM Land Registry and many others that have already made the move across from their existing platforms to the 'universal' site created by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

The platform launched in October 2012, when it announced and DirectGov moved across, sparking a controversial debate on AccountingWEB. 

Manager of the Companies House website Steve Wigley said while there was no definite date for the migration from its current website to GOV.UK, it would most likely be in the autumn. 

He added that the move applies solely to the corporate website and not any of its online transaction sites used for searching or filing company information. 

"We intend to retain all aspects that we know our customers use, and we aim to improve upon these - ie. make our guidance clearer. Users will still be able to access out online services from our GOV.UK homepage, or by searching GOV.UK," he said.

GOV.UK is the single website to access government services and information. Since its inception, it has migrated all departmental government websites and is now focused on the government agencies, of which Companies...


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