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Company directors: Your responsibilities to HMRC

Jennifer Adams took a break from chasing clients’ outstanding tax return information and logged on to HMRC’s newest webinar: ‘Company Directors - your responsibilities to HMRC’.

As regular readers of my articles know corporate governance is an interest of mine so I wanted to hear what HMRC were telling company directors and also to see whether this was a webinar to which I could direct my own company directors. Many of the webinars are pre-recorded to be listened to at leisure. The webinars now number 28 of which six can be described as ‘specialist’, for example about patents, three cover VAT but most are on PAYE-related issues and in particular RTI.

This webinar is the first covering corporate issues and I must say I was pleasantly surprised - and pleased. Pleased because I counted four times where the presenters gave the suggestion that if it all seemed too difficult to understand that the attendees should consider asking for agent advice.


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B Adder's picture

That old chestnut

B Adder | | Permalink

So what was their answer to-

“Does a director still need to send in a Self Assessment return?’”  ?  ? 


tonycourt | | Permalink

Not by being a director alone.

B Adder's picture


B Adder | | Permalink

is that your emphatic No

or have you watched the vid and its HMRCs emphatic No

It's emphatic.....

tonycourt | | Permalink

....from every angle!

Haven't watched vid yet, but HMRC advice on website indicates directors "must" submit SA returns because they are directors. They are wrong. There's a few of threads in any answers on the subject.

JAADAMS's picture

The webinar says - yes; accountingweb members - say not always

JAADAMS | | Permalink

I attended the 'live' webinar and the question as to whether a Tax Return was required was asked by another 'live' attendee.

Since then the recorded webinar has gone online in the form of a talk rather than you 'eaves dropping' on the webinar itself. Hence you dont hear the actual question being asked

Instead the lady speaking has included text stating that a return is required and follows on by explaining how to obtain a UTR number and register for self assessment.

However.... here is the link Tony was talking about and it's Euan's comment in particular that you need to look at for the relevant sections of the Act. 

Following the webinar all attendees received a 'how do you think it went' email. I have emailed back to the presenters and directed them to our site and to Tony's comment. I said that they might have to amend their presentation.

I'll let you know what comment I receive back in return - if I do receive anything that is!