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Malware targets accountancy firms

Accountants’ websites and emails may be targeted by a piece of ransomware that wipes information from their systems if a fee is not paid.

The ICPA discovered that a member had been hit by the Trojan, named Cryptolocker, and that all of his computer’s software and programmes had been completely wiped.

Anita Brown, ICPA senior consultant, issued a letter about the incident, warning other members to be vigilant of the virus.

The "nasty" piece of malware has been around since last year, but only in the last few months has increased in the intensity of its attacks - perhaps due in part to the fact that bitcoin, which it demands as a ransom, has increased in popularity and value.

According to Brown...


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glenbogle's picture

Microsoft products    1 thanks

glenbogle | | Permalink

The Cryptolocker virus hits  Microsoft Access Excel and word documents - That includes databases in SAGE payroll dears.

Don't go cheap on virus proitection.


Locutus's picture

Spike in virus e-mails

Locutus | | Permalink

I have noticed quite a spike in e-mails in the last 48 hours - all "from" Royal Mail and Mastercard and with a virus-laden .zip attachment.

This is no doubt to coincide with the fact that the start of December is the peak for ordering Christmas shopping online.  The scammers have moved on a lot from the old days of the poorly-worded e-mail "from" the deposed Oil Minister of an African country who wants to share his fortune with you if you give him your bank details.

glenbogle's picture

Fed-ex Emails too

glenbogle | | Permalink

Or ones purporting " sending your rewards " have been used to deliver a virus calleed Tatanga  along Cryptolocker .

There is only one defence . have a clean back up available and restore back to it after cleaning all drives.



Cryptolocker: overwriting your backups.

chatman | | Permalink

What if your backup overwrites your encrypted files with the newly encrypted ones. What do you do then?

glenbogle's picture

I would suggest  going out

glenbogle | | Permalink

I would suggest  going out and replacing all your kit and starting again with a back up that was  taken before the virus hit.

Look for offsite backup

Cryptolocker encrypting your backed up files

chatman | | Permalink

glenbogle wrote:

Look for offsite backup

I was referring to offsite backup.


andrewparker1 | | Permalink

My client was hit with this nasty malware. McAfee stopped it but not until after it had done a lot of damage. So even with having up-to-date protection is no guarantee.