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Cyber attacks on small businesses soar

Cyber attacks against small businesses have risen sharply in the past year research has revealed as the government published guidance to help small businesses improve their IT security.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of UK small businesses were attacked by an “unauthorised outsider “in the last year, up from 41% in the previous year, according to research by PwC, which was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Nine in ten (87%) small businesses...


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Hacking is getting worse.

James RQL | | Permalink

Web sites are very vulnerable. I have a dedicated server and we have two or three hacking attempts every week - some of which try 2-4000 times in one go! Eventually they will get through...

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Hosted desktops offer protection

iandc6 | | Permalink

Hi all

An interesting article with surprising results.

We have recently written a post on the website reviewing a Gartner report focussed on how a virtual hosted desktop will offer an organisation protection.

Please follow the link to read about Hosted Desktop Security

I hope you enjoy the read.