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Don't be a boring accountant: Lessons from a technical author

Mark Lee talks to Ellis Pratt who explains what accountants can learn from technical authors to avoid being seen as boring

EP:  I follow the “boring is optional” messages in your newsletters and tweets, and, in many ways, I believe technical authors have the same issue as accountants in being seen as boring.

ML: Thanks Ellis. I know you guys don’t write text books for accountants so you’d better explain what a technical author does in your world.

EP: Like accountants, they are good at simplifying and clarifying information. Accountants generally deal with numbers, technical authors deal with words. You’d use someone like us if you needed a product user guide or you wanted some company procedures written.


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waltere | | Permalink

For most forms of communication (written and spoken) I would say the most important guidance is always to consider "WIIFM?" - What's In It For Me?  That question should always be framed from the audience's point of view, rather than the writer's / presenter's.  Of course, you never lose sight of the message you're trying to convey, but you will only succeed in conveying it if you bear in mind your audience's needs and priorities.

bookmarklee's picture

Spot on @Waltere

bookmarklee | | Permalink

100% agree.

The risk we all run is that we write from our perspective without adequately considering the mindset of the recipient.