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Duff McKagan: The rock star accountant

Accountancy and the debauched 1980s LA metal scene might seem at odds with each other to the casual observer, but when Guns N' Roses’ Duff McKagan finally sobered up he discovered a new passion: crunching numbers.

In 1994 the bass player ruptured his pancreas and, fuelled by a distrust of anybody in the music industry and suddenly with a lot of time on his hands, went about trying to understand his filing cabinet full of GN’R financial statements.


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How do we go the other way

asillahi | | Permalink

I'm an accountant but wld like a career in rock music. Does anyone have any tips? I think Genesis should reform with me at the drums.

Rockers to accountants

Thehazyman | | Permalink

I saw G'N'R twice in the early nineties when I was a student.  I doubt either Duff or myself thought we would end up in the world of finance.  Those were happy days!

Tom 7000's picture

Iron maiden

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

I think their lead singers a BMI pilot

Bruce Dickinson would be horrified at that

carnmores | | Permalink

until my autobiography my lips are sealed, i was there i survived :-)

Comedy is the new Rock'n'Roll...

trevv69 | | Permalink

... So they say, so Eddie Izzard, accountancy student turned comedy superstar surely counts.

back in the good old days !

carnmores | | Permalink

Touring was the poor relation with the records companies coughing up tour support ie giving the band some of their own royalties to big up the record companies share. Touring is where a lot of the money is tho most of it remains with the publisher