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Eight strategies to improve work/life balance


Regularly we read news stories about how many hours staff work beyond those they are contracted for, says Jeff Archer, founder of The Tonic.

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It’s claimed that one in five employees in the UK...

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  • Plan the day
  • Get in the zone
  • Take a lesson from the world of sport
  • Think about your energy balance
  • Listen to the rhythms of your body
  • Take some time for you
  • Remember what it’s all about
  • Get some sleep


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No. 9

GR | | Permalink

Work smarter (not harder), i.e. try and change your approach (if it is long winded) and think of quicker ways of doing things. For example, preparing standard e-mails in the "signature" section of Outlook for FAQs from clients (rather than continually typing out the same thing over and over again) or spending time training the client on how to organize/prepare their monthly/quarterly records (asking for an expense claim form maybe easier to work with compared to a shoe box of tatty receipts). This is quite a hard thing to do in practice as it is often quite difficult to change your approach and break bad (i.e. long winded) habits.

Paul Scholes's picture

Yes but.....

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

without wishing to "dis" what's been said, this stuff is what we each tell ourselves and is told to us by people in the know (we'd like to think so) ear after year and decade after decade but things get worse.

The above deals with symptoms of our frantic "on auto" lives.  Number 6 is a key to something deeper...funny and eye opening and better than any self help book is Ruby's latest.

johnjenkins's picture

I find    1 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

emptying my bowels regularly gets rid of all the crap going round in my head and helps me to concentrate on the job in hand.