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An entrepreneur’s guide to growth

Being an entrepreneur is just the beginning. Building a successful and sustainable business requires strong leadership, management and an understanding of how the finance team can drive growth.

Speaking at Access’s Springboard to Growth conference in the Forest of Arden last week, Guy Rigby of Smith & Williamson outlined his principles for building a viable business....

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what does he know?

query | | Permalink

respectfully, he's just an accountant with a fancy title.

if he was that good, he wouldn't still be working for living...

Did you read it?    1 thanks

RFL H | | Permalink

I thought it was sound advice from someone who does know.

A world turned upside down, and the Entrepreneurial State    1 thanks

Bagel | | Permalink

Anyone considering economic growth more globally might find the R4 Business programme by Peter Day interesting:

- though if you've come across 'post-fordism' before some of it will be familiar.

Equally interesting is his discussion with Prof Mariana Mazzucato about her book The Entrepreneurial State, and the role the public sector has played (especially - maybe surprisingly so? - in the USA).



excelaccountz's picture


excelaccountz | | Permalink

thanks for sharing.

Businessmen need to revist these to make sure skills, attributes, strategies are updated.