Ernst & Young steps in at failed NHS trust | AccountingWEB

Ernst & Young steps in at failed NHS trust

Administrators at Ernst & Young have 145 days to produce a plan for the future of hospital services at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust after it was declared bankrupt this week.

Health regulator Monitor put the trust into special administration to “safeguard the future of health services” currently provided after a report found it was “neither clinically nor financially sustainable in its current form”. The report noted that the trust was too small in its current form, with a patient population “significantly below guidelines” for an acute general hospital.

David Bennett, from Monitor, said...


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ridiculous    2 thanks

abelljms | | Permalink



it is a nonsense to claim a government department can't pay its debts, we'll be told a country can't pay its debts next.....!


And on top of that, a bunch of leeches are going to be paid £giga to bleed the tax-payer of even more money for absolutely nothing.... OR is the NHS REALLY going to bin a bunch of un-secured creditors?? we should be told the truth not waffle-speak.


Obviously the dozy shower running  the Trust should be binned, and a new lot appointed

(i'll lead the team for £100k pa for ever).

But what is Administration about, let a civil servant near a problem and what do you get? - two problems ! The article drones about technical things, but you don't need Administration to sort them, you need a brain.


Failed NHS Trust

p1bry | | Permalink

As a supplier to NHS Trusts, are we really at risk now of not getting paid?

This will take trading relations to a new level with the need to set credit limits & put them on credit hold when payments aren't made on time

Wow !

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Ernst and Young will now take over the running of the NHS trust

mjshort | | Permalink

I used to be Finance Director for a Care organisation with 300 carers and 70 staff.

I would have been the 370th person to be called out to look after a patient.

How happy will the patients be to have Ernst & Young deciding about their future care?

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Steve-EBL | | Permalink

Start recruiting the right people. Pay a massive attention to who gets recruited. CV with relevant experience, great, relevant managerial qualifications, great, detailed psychometric testing, detailed mental aptitude testing,(these are not usually done) if the nhs management around the nation were all robustly recruited and annually reviewed you wouldnt have these problems. I've seen dross recruited time and again in the private sector.


oldersimon | | Permalink

When you go to the administrators, your troubles really begin...