Ethics dominates global tax debate | AccountingWEB

Ethics dominates global tax debate

The profession should be having ethical rather than technical discussions around the issue of global tax planning, according to Action Aid tax justice policy adviser Toby Quantrill.

Speaking at the AIA Founders' Lecture and Awards last night in London alongside tax expert George Bull, the newcomer to taxation said he believed in creating a global framework for tax that provides a level playing field.

“Tax avoidance by major corporations is increasingly happening in developing countries throughout the world, not just in the EU and USA,” he said. “When companies avoid tax the burden shifts to those who can afford it least.”

From a development perspective he added...


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Ethics in law is a dangerous game

TheRunawayFound | | Permalink

I too would like to see a better managed national and international system of taxation. However, while we may base laws on ethical considerations to a certain extent, the law should act to level the playing field. If we introduce the shifting sands of ethics into considerations of how people and firms should behave, by whose standards should those actions be judged?