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Excel 2013 preview: New online and control tools

The wraps are coming off the new version of Microsoft Office, with the expected release date signified by its name, Office 2013.

[NB: A truncated version of this item was accidentally published on Friday 21 Sept. The full article has now been reinstated. Our apologies to those frustrated by the mistake last week. Ed]


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I tried the link and

Cantona1 | | Permalink

I tried the link and registered myself on trial bases, but when I try to download the software, there was a problem with compatibility issue with 64-bit. I did not go further than that. I have excel 2010 and window 7.

The real and critical question is: is this version the real deal? Is it the same as the desktop -full version, or as before it has limited functionality? If it has limited functionality, I do not think it is going to appeal to many users

It works on 64 bit

jamesbarton | | Permalink

I have windows 7 x64 on desktop and laptop.I am using the preview on bitb, perfectly well. Priorto this i used office 2007 and had installed but removed the office 2010 preview. The system downloads the core program and as much of the program as it needs to do the tasks you are wanting to do. Then you can use it offline as well. It seems to be the full version. Fancy features need a download the first time you use them, but then previous versions needed the original dvd the first time you used them.