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Excel double-click shortcuts


As part of our continuing trans-Atlantic skills exchange, David Ringstrom from AccountingWEB.com highlights some nifty time Excel time-savers at the finger-tips of your mouse hand.

Clicking once on an Excel menu is the foundation of the windows-icon-mouse-pointer interface convention at the heart of Microsoft Office (and most other) programs. But clicking again in many instances can uncover hidden shortcuts. This article collects together 13 places where double-clicking can save you extra time and effort.

The full version of this article includes detailed instructions on using double-clicks to:

1. Skip the OK button

2. Maximise file windows

3. Split a worksheet

4. Automate the Fill handle 

5. Lock the Format Painter 

6. Rename a worksheet tab 

7. Adjust column widths 

8. Collapse the ribbon 

9. Navigate a worksheet 

10. Edit a cell 

11. Identify Precedent Cells 

12. Close Excel 

13. Drill down in Pivot Tables


About the author

"Either you work Excel, or it works you!" says David Ringstrom CPA, the head of Atlanta-based software and database consultancy Accounting Advisors. He presents Excel training webcasts for CPE Link and contributes articles on Excel to AccountingWEB and Microsoft Professional Accountant's Network newsletter. He can be reached by email at david[AT]acctadv.com.


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Locking the format painter -    3 thanks

SarahL2011 | | Permalink

Locking the format painter - excellent! Never knew that & its been bugging me for ages that I had to click on it each time!

Locking Border Draw/Eraser

Alf | | Permalink

Is there a way to lock the Border Draw/Eraser in a similar way to the Fromat painter?

Double Clicking

wingco44 | | Permalink

Excel lent tips, many thanks. 

I often get Excel cells which constantly prevent me from entering the correct data, usually I'm trying to input a date, but it keeps entering some other figure instead.  It must be something locked into the format but I have only been able to disable it once and now I can't remember how I did it!

Can anyone help. Thanks

shurst's picture

Dates and formats

shurst | | Permalink

If you have cells that are formatted with a number format, rather than general, they might display dates as numbers. Change the cell format to a date format - the control+# keyboard shortcut will apply a date format.(Control+shift+@ for a time format).


wingco44 | | Permalink

Many thanks Shurst - that worked - simples

Excel Shortcuts    1 thanks

steveweir | | Permalink

I like Collapse the ribbon as the tabs then look like the pre-2007 Menu bar.  You can select using the Alt key + significant letter e.g. Alt+W for View.  Holding down the Alt key on its own displays the letters in a small box on each of the tabs.

I must confess I have experienced the Navigate a worksheet double click by accident but thought it was a bug not a feature!!  Using Excel for 15 years but still learning.

Many thanks for all the tips.

Great Work !    1 thanks

Rajen777 | | Permalink

Great Work !


Thank you


The Pivot table and format painting tips are excellent.

adrianstone's picture

Number 5...    1 thanks

adrianstone | | Permalink

...is such a top tip!


If excelzone do awards for the year then I am nominating Simon for this tip - I've been frustrated by this for years!

shurst's picture

Maybe not this time but....    1 thanks

shurst | | Permalink

Hi Adrian - whilst I'd be really pleased to accept the nomination, if it's number 5 of the original tips that you are referring to, then the nomination should go to David who wrote the article. Mind you, I did include the same tip in a compendium entry 6 years ago (amazingly, to the exact day!): http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/topic/technology/excelzone-compendium-formatting-simon-hurst