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Excel tip: Data transposing techniques

In our latest extract from his series on our US sister site, David H Ringstrom explores the techniques and quirks of transposing Excel data.

Occasionally you will be faced with data that has arrived in rows, when you would like it to be in columns instead. As with most things, there is a way to do this in Excel. This tip article will show you how, and offers some additional advice about issues you may encounter when transposing data.

To reorient your data, select the block and press Ctrl-C to copy. Then right-click in E3 and choose Paste Special from the floating menu. Tick the Transpose checkbox and then click OK.

"Either you work Excel, or it works you!" says David Ringstrom CPA, the head of Atlanta-based software and database consultancy Accounting Advisors. He presents Excel training webcasts for CPE Link and contributes articles on Excel to AccountingWEB and Microsoft Professional Accountant's Network newsletter. He can be reached by email at david[AT]acctadv.com.

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